Yong Hui is very dedicated to her work. She is a source of inspiration and is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She has let me seen that women are capable of doing much more in their lives when they take charge of it. I now believe that women can take charge of their finances as well as men do or even better! Thank you.

From: Sheryn Yeo

   Yong Hui is a very dedicated financial professional who understands the needs of her female clients very well. She has comprehensive knowledge in financial planning and gives excellent support and comprehensive advice to me.

From: Shan Lim

   It all started with a simple chat between us on financial goals and the importance of planning for our future, and one thing led to another. Yong Hui always listens patiently and gets me excited with the many ways that my money can grow without me working hard for it whenever we meet up. She is not only well-versed in the various products she has to offer, but would also source around for the best offer from other companies that caters to my needs. Honest in her dealings with others, I never worry about being on the losing end. She aligns it with my current goals regularly and would recommend products which are apt for me. It is all thanks to her that my future is well-nested.

From: Gail Yap

    After losing 30% of my portfolio in the market downfall, I have lost confidence to invest in the market. Yong Hui showed me what it means to invest wisely with proper risk management and helped me regain confidence to invest in the market again. She is also such a sincere and positive person who is capable of looking at things from a different angle. With that kind of energy, I'm sure she'll be able to be the best in whatever she pursues.

From: Wieke

   It has been a few years since I bought my first insurance. I have three agents and all three spend the same amount of time explaining my policies to me. However, the concept and the gist of the plans never really sink in as I still cannot grasp the concept of how each of my plans differ and how the whole thing works! Just when I am tired of being so blur, my financial planner decided to set up an internet website to enlighten woman like me, who wants to be more financially savvy. Looking forward to learning more from the website!

From: Lam Yi Mien

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