Personalised Financial Planning

Customised plans tailored to suit your unique needs as a woman

A dedicated one-to-one session where we will jointly design your very own financial plan that addresses your needs and helps you move towards your goals. Together we will go through a simple, step by step approach:

1. Understanding where you are right now - your current financial status and insurance coverage review

2. Knowing where you want to go - Identifying your financial priorities and goals

3. Creating an action plan to help you move towards your goals

4. Implementation and Review

  • Enjoy peace of mind with a holistic process and comprehensive plan
  • Gain confidence to achieve your financial goals
  • Professional service with passion and listening with heart

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   Yong Hui is very dedicated to her work. She is a source of inspiration and is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She has let me seen that women are capable of doing much more in their lives when they take charge of it. I now believe that women can take charge of their finances as well as men do or even better! Thank you.

From: Sheryn Yeo