Personal Finance

The Money $avvy Woman-Smart. Confident. Financially Secure

Personalised Financial Planning

A dedicated one-to-one session where we will jointly design your very own financial plan that addresses your needs and helps you move towards your goals.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with a holistic process and comprehensive plan
  • Gain confidence to achieve your financial goals
  • Professional service with passion and listening with heart

Educational Workshops and Games

A) Educational workshops and talks tailored to women's needs will be conducted on a regular basis for you to learn and enrich yourself.

B) Join us for fun and educational games where you learn real life financial skills through playing with other women

  • Accelerate your learning through games and activities
  • Dramatically increase your financial literacy
  • Gain confidence and competence to handle your money with confidence!
  • Learn and grow with other women in a supportive, fun and relaxed setting

Support Community

A platform designed for money $avvy women to share your success, to motivate, encourage and inspire each other along the journey.

Resource Centre

Tap into the collection of good books and useful resources specially selected for your reference and reading pleasure

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