Create the masterpiece of your life!

“LIFE is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” ~ Danny Kaye


You are the painter of your life and your life is a masterpiece, a work of art. Imagine you have a full palatte of colors to choose from to paint on your blank canvas. Color it in as much as you can and enjoy every moment of your painting.

Recently I read an interview of SUCCESS magazine with Maria Shriver, the first lady of California and wife of governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reading about her mission to transform the lives of women and families and her contribution via The Women’s Conference programs really inspired me.

I recalled my own vision of the person I want to become, and my passion to inspire and empower people towards a brighter, more secure financial future. I want to step up, reach out and touch more people’s lives, make a difference to their lives.

Someone once asked me – What is your definition of success? In the past I used to think of success simply as achieving my goals and being outstanding, either in terms of wealth or career. Overtime I came to realise that a true sense of success and fulfillment comes from doing what I’m passionate about and contributing to people’s lives. Knowing at the end of my journey that I have made a positive difference to the lives of people around me, that I have brought joy and happiness to their lives and helped them to move towards a richer and brighter future. That would be the masterpiece of my life =)

What about you?

What are you passionate about, what are your dreams? Passion is something that will excite and drive you, it’s what keeps you going even when you face challenges.

Go out, play full on in your life, take on new challenges and enjoy the exhilaration of breakthroughs and growth along the journey! 

Life is short. Start doing something you are passionate about today and live your dreams. Feel energised and truely alive! 

Create the masterpiece of your life so you can look back and be proud knowing that you have lived a vibrant and passionate life, just like a brilliant sunset with colorful hues of orange, pink and blue.

As Anthony Robbins puts it “Live with Passion!”

To your Success and Happiness,

Yong Hui

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